Week 10 You say black, I say … Penny and cat!

Sat in my car i saw this black cat walk past the Black Penny pub! Perfect for my theme I thought!!! Black cats are considered lucky but also it was Halloween week and often symbolised with that of course!!! Also the penny black was one of the first British stamps! Love the fact that this blog makes you think differently!!!



Week 9 Sound of Music

Again whilst out and about we found ourselves at a 1940s weekend in Pickering, North Yorkshire, England. Everyone dresses in 1940s clothing. This young girl stood at the back of a van playing songs impersonating someone called George Fornby, an old music hall entertainer from the era! She was amazing! Love the nostalgic colours!!


Week 8 Red

Whilst on a trip to Northumberland we visited a Victorian house called ‘cragside’ it was beautifully maintained. It was the first hydro lowered house in the uk and had even been visited by one of the Queens of England! Within the house there was a beautiful ‘red’ room! You can see all the gorgeous rich red decor – made the old cold Victoria house feel warmer!!


Week 7 Change of time

Just trying to post this from my iPhone so not sure if this has worked yet!!!

This picture was taken on a walk at the harbourside where I live. It’s the local tide times! Was thinking its quite a good one for change of time!! Unfortunately there’s quite a bit of most and condensation in the glass but maybe adds to the misty seaside feel?!


Week 6 multiple layers

So, been out of the loop for a while but haven’t stopped thinking about the blog! Am so upset as took lots of pics and lost them recently! So, am starting to build up again, so sorry I’ve been out of the loop!! Also submitted this for the first time from my iPhone and not sure it’s worked!!!

This picture is of a beautiful hand rag made rug. My sisters mum in law to be, Lesley, makes these beautiful rag rugs! So, when she showed me tonight I jumped up shouting, ah, multiple layers!!!! Think she thought I was a little odd!!!


Week 5 – It’s Big


Sorry for the barrage of pictures! Catching up on my blog after returning from hols!

Well what can I say, It’s Big!!!!! This is the Pimms deckchair commissioned by the drinks company in England called Pimms to celebrate the start of the British Summer this year.  It has been placed on the beach in Bournemouth, South West coast of England.  The artist/creator, Stuart Mu to stand proud on the Stuart Murdoch, has constructed this 8.5 metre (28ft) deckchair to stand proud on the beach and it certainly does!!!! Deckchairs area very british thing and every beach has an abundance, but none so big as this!!!!!  Love it!

Week 4 – A Calm Moment


This was exactly what the title says…. a calm moment for the lions of Longleat Safari Park in South West England.  We’ve just returned from a holiday and included a 5 day visit to the Safari areas.  We drove around the actual Safari three times, each time the Lions and other animals were so different.  But the face of the lion lounging on the top branch is so calm and made us feel all calm too when watching her! Beautiful.

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